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    Owner of Tehila Designs


    “Tehila Designs website definitely needed a make over, having used an off-the-shelf WordPress Theme for far too long. So I turned to Terena for help in creating a brand new and modern look to the site. I wasn’t disappointed one bit. The implementation of my thoughts and Terena's ideas was smooth, clear and a fantastic collaboration of work. I am very pleased with the outcome, can't wait to tackle another project with Terena. Would highly recommend her services.”

      Samantha Shaw

      Senior Designer at SThree

      "Terena was great to work with, as a Junior Designer she has a keen eye and understands the importance of brand consistency, creating design work which is both within guidelines and that are dynamic. She will always work effectively and within tight deadlines. At SThree, Terena has worked alongside the design, marketing and online teams, she learns quickly and is happy to work on a whole range of projects."

          Harold Ofori

          Founder of Axellia London, www.axellialondon.com

          "Terena was great to work with, she was very creative and helped us to see how we wanted our ad to look like by sending multiple examples.

          She was easy to get through during our time working together and allowed us to make any adjustments we wanted to."

          Interested in working with me? I'd love to hear from you.