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Hi, I'm Tee.


I like to travel, eat out and binge watch Youtube videos.

I am a multi-disciplinary creative designer who likes expressing her ideas through design. My passion for design is much more than sitting infront of a computer and making things look 'pretty', I want to inspire people's mind everyday with my work. Creating meaningful design solutions and experiences for brands and audiences. 

Coming from a background of classic graphic design (print), my work spans from branding and editorial design to digital and packaging design. I enjoy collaborating with people, teams and businesses to create new visual experiences and moving ideas from good to great.

Believe it or not, I also have some spare time. You might find me on the next flight abroad, binge-watching fashion hauls on Youtube or most likely at a summer day party in London.

I am always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be part of your visions.

Feel free to get in touch with me!

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Copyright © Teessketchbook Ltd | All rights reserved |