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Makeup storage solution for your Beauty supplies.

Beauty - a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic sense especially sight.

Infuse - to fill with quality or an emotion. 

Beaufused is a beauty brand who's mission is to help makeup users on the go no matter where their travels take them. The brand will be offering makeup accessories and travel storage solutions.

I was responsible for the visual identity of Beaufused. From the discovery to the creative direction and ending with bringing the designs to life. My job was to create a brand identity that communicates the aesthetics behind the brand. The goal was to create a feminine and minimalistic concept that aligns with the values and personality of the business and showcasing that through the colouring and perfect letter spacing. 

Brand Personality and Values.

Trustworthy, Feminine, Fresh, Reliable, Loyalty, Community, Care, Trust

The logo is a simple Sans Serif type. Clean lines and white space allows for the brand to clearly communicate a clean, modern look to its consumers. The 'BF' stamp symbolises the merging of beauty and infused. The chosen colour palette for the brand is nude. This gives a sense of collaboration, care and openness. It is practical but at the very same time is delicate and feminine which gives it a warm and elegant feel.