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Change the way you watch TV.

ITVX is a british online video-on-demand service. The brand new streaming service was launched across all various platforms on the 8th December 2022.

ITV aimed to transform its conventional method by implementing a digital-first system, wherein most of its fresh content would debut initially on ITVX, followed by airing on ITV linear channels several months after. The recently launched service targets to rival major streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Collaborating with the design and dev team, I created a collection of digital artworks for Dr Who and the children's section featured on the ITVX site. The central objective was to produce compelling visuals that would enhance the audience's viewing experience. Using the established brand guidelines, the dev team presented wireframes and a sitemap that would effectively guide users to discover and engage with captivating content in a visually seamless manner.

ITVX website on a desktop, tablet and mobile view

After many feedback rounds, testing and multiple iterations - ITVX was launched!

ITVX has experienced a 55% growth in viewership and a 65% surge in online traffic as compared to the previous year following its relaunch.

Check out some of the designs I created below.